4 Reasons I Wouldn't Change Who I Am as a Person With Cerebral Palsy

Life with cerebral palsy has certainly been quite the journey. I’ve experienced happiness, joy, pain, and heartache; through it all I’ve gained wisdom and strength. As a young child and as a teenager, I often wished for another life and wondered why I had to endure so much scrutiny from those around me. My experiences as a young adult have made me come to realize that I love being me. I’d like to share the reasons why I wouldn’t change who I am.

1. I believe life is like a winding road, with countless twists and turns that all lead to somewhere beautiful. My life has taught me to appreciate what I do have and what I am able to do on Earth. My disability has helped me to develop a more grateful spirit because of what I’ve gone through.

2. Not having cerebral palsy would likely change everything about what my life is today. Yes, I’ve been curious about it; so many times I’ve wondered, who would I be or what life would I lead? Would I still be a writer? I know I probably won’t ever find the answer to those questions. I think it’d be fun to be able to live through that alternate experience for a day, but afterwards I would comfortably and happily return to this life. I’ve gained courage I might not have had otherwise. Who knows?

3. I am confident that my faith, my relationship with Christ would not be what it is today. Having a disability brings lifelong challenges; struggling is not fun, there is personal heartache involved, and I desire acceptance from the world. For me, faith and fellowship with God has been essential in fighting those battles. I’ve had to learn to look at the big picture in life instead of a tiny fraction of the picture. I trust that God has a plan; for me He is all that matters.

4. I don’t think I’d be the same Molly at all. The journey that is my life continues to teach me so much every day. I’ve both stumbled and persevered, and I owe it all to God. I regret a lot, but I’m learning as I go and I’m just fine with who I’m becoming.

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