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15 Cringeworthy Pieces of Advice People With Chronic Illness Have Received

I recently asked our chronic illness community on Twitter:

As you can imagine, my followers have been on the receiving end of some pretty terrible advice. Some of the responses are downright infuriating, especially the ones that involve victim blaming. But some will make you laugh. Others will make you cringe. A few you’ve probably heard before.

1. The one who wants to cure you with an exorcism:

  2. The one who thinks they know more than your doctor:


3. The one who just knows they have the right cure for you:


4. The one who thinks your chronic illness is temporary, like a cold:


  5. The one who thinks you just need some fresh air:  

6. The one who thinks it’s all in your head:

7. The one who thinks you just need to get pregnant:

8. The one who blames you:

9. The one who thinks you just need to push yourself a bit more:

10. The one who thinks you just need to go to the gym:

  11. The one who thinks your feet just need a good caffeinated soak:


12. The one who doesn’t think you’ve tried the most common over-the-counter medications:


  13. The one who thinks a good long snooze will cure you:

14. The one who believes you can force yourself to get better:

  15. And last, but certainly not least:


A version of this post was originally published on Moms With Pain.