ABC and ESPN to Broadcast 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games

For the first time ever, ESPN will join ABC in broadcasting portions of the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games. Special Olympics, an international athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities, are held every two years – alternating between summer and winter games.

According to Disability Scoop, ESPN2 will feature highlights and interviews from the week-long event. Segments will also air on SportsCenter, other ESPN shows, the ESPN website and ESPN apps. Through ESPN’s television and web-streaming services, at least 190 countries and territories will be able to watch the games, allowing each of the 106 countries participating in the games to watch their athletes compete.

“Our athletes are often forgotten in sports, and in many aspects of life, so the attitude-changing coverage ESPN will provide will help us get that much closer to achieving our vision of creating inclusive communities all over the world,” Mary Davis, CEO of Special Olympics, told Disability Scoop.

The 2017 Special Olympics will be held in Austria. You can catch the opening ceremony on March 18 by tuning in to ABC.

Photo Credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis

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