A Letter to Any Sad Girl

Sometimes the girl everyone thinks has her life in order is not who she seems. Because she’s the girl who walks around with a head full of doubts. The one who looks in the mirror and sees a mess. The one who speaks so poorly about herself. The one who is so lost, she’s forgotten how to be happy again.

But you knew when she was down:

The circles under her eyes started to grow darker.

Her naps started to become longer.

Her voice started to grow softer.

The “friends” she had started to leave, one by one.

Her family stopped asking, “What’s the matter?”

And then her smile started to leave completely.

But this isn’t the end for her.


You look in the mirror and you see yourself staring back. I mean, it’s you — but not really. There’s your eyes, your hair, your smile and your skin. You think that’s all of you, but it’s not. You stare at yourself and point out all your flaws, and you stand there wishing you could be flawless. But what you are unable to see is how many people you have made laugh and smile. All those people who you made feel important. You don’t see how strong you really are, or how far you have made it. You’re not able to see the sparkle in your eyes when you speak about something with passion. You can’t see the confusion leaving your gaze when you figure out a problem. You’re unable to see your hair fall directly into place. The confidence you have when you walk. Or the way your voice shakes when you talk about someone you love.

You don’t see any of this.

I know you may be in a dark place, but this place isn’t your home. You may feel comfortable in this place because you’re scared of changing. Scared of becoming even worse. Do not let this darkness take over your life. You are strong enough to beat these problems.

Please stop doubting yourself and start thinking of all the good you have done. Be strong. Be brave. Keep fighting. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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