Doctors Deserve Our Thanks, but Let’s Not Forget the Others Who Care for Us

We thank doctors for saving our lives, but do we remember the other people who helped just as much?

Do we thank the paramedics for holding our shaking hand during our time of need? Are the emergency staff forgotten as they rush off their feet to get us through one of the hardest nights we may face?

Then there are the orderlies who reassure disorientated patients and carefully pack up their things while they sleep peacefully as possible. You may not be leaving that week, but you’ll be in the caring hands of people who hope you move forward.

The nursing staff sees you daily, makes your day and congratulates on an improvement no matter how small it may be.

Thanks should also be given to the catering staff for the food they provide. They remember how you take your morning coffee and are so cheery during the morning round that it can have a positive effect on your mindset for the rest of the day.

The friends and family who take the time to visit us, even for just an hour, raise our spirits and give us something to focus on to get us through the long day. And we’re sorry if we slept through your stay, but your presence was still appreciated.

Physiotherapists encourage us to take a few extra steps to get us back on the road of recovery.

And let’s not forget the student nurses who chose a career to benefit others. As patients, we shape their outlook and mold them into the nurses they will go on to become. We may be the first patients they see, but we definitely won’t be the last. Thank you for caring for us.

Lastly, let’s thank our fellow patients for their wisdom, time and compassion during our time together.

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