To the Chronically Ill Who Don't Want to Get Up Today

Dear Chronic Illness Warrior,

As you wake this morning and the day ahead looks bleak and you don’t want to repeat the endless monotony of the chronic illness life, when you don’t want to put one step in front of the other, these words are for you. This is my prayer and my wish for you…

1. May you realize you can do it. Yeah, I know, you’ve heard those words so many times and you really feel like the next person who says it deserves a punch in the face. I get it. I often get those urges, too. But you can do it. Not just because you are strong, resilient and an absolute legend, but because you have faith, you have hope, and you have got this.

2. May the appointment goodness be in your favor this day. May the wait be short. May there be new magazines in the waiting room so that you don’t have to read the 2004 issues of Vogue again. May the doctor just get it. And may you walk away with hope and a plan of action.

3. May the pharmacy have all your medications on hand and may you be surprised with how cheap they all are.

4. May your body react positively to new medication and not leave you bruised battered and seeing pineapples.

5. May your food be your friend today. And, oh so tasty.

6. May you receive a kind word from your family, friends or colleagues.

7. May sleep come easily, may your bed feel like clouds and may the random dreams of dancing pineapples stay at bay.

8. May your hopes soar. Higher than you can imagine.

9. May your desire to punch the person who offers you a cure be converted to love and compassion.

10. May your Epson salt bath ease your pain.

11. May Netflix release a new series. Or the next season of your favorite so you don’t need to watch “Gilmore Girls” for the 50th time.

12. May the sun shine… but not too much that it sets your symptoms off or the glare is too great.

13. May chocolate, or coffee, or flowers appear at your doorstep.

14. May a friend or loved one send a text or call just to say they care for you and are thinking of you.

15. May your one step in front of the other not cause you too much physical pain.

And maybe, just maybe, today might be OK, because whatever today holds, even if none of the above happens, and the day is filled with hallucinations of pineapples, your faith and your hope will get you further than can on your own.

Yours in pain,


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