Why I Want You to Ask Me All Your Honest Questions About My Illness

Though I have read many articles, I have never seen one that encourages conversation between someone who is chronically ill and someone who isn’t. Most articles I have stumbled upon cover the basics of what you shouldn’t say to someone with a chronic illness in conversation. I want to switch up the stigma a bit and let readers know that not everyone who is chronically ill wears their heart on their sleeve, and I personally do not become upset when someone looks at me and says, “You don’t look sick.”

Since I am from a small town and fighting a major chronic illness, everyone knows me and knows my story. To say I can’t go out without having to answer a few basic chronic illness questions such as, “How are you feeling?” or “What’s been going on with your illness?” is no exaggeration. Occasionally I have even found myself talking about the nasty parts of my chronic illness such as vomit, bowel movements and blood with people right in the dairy aisle of the grocery store.

But here’s the plot twist: I love it! I love when people stop me no matter where I am to discuss what I am going through or have been through with my chronic illness. I feel that through this illness, it has become my sole goal to reach others and spread awareness.

I want it to be my mission to reach others with my story and let them know that life gets better – mentally, physically and chronically.

Those people who stop me to ask about what I am going through make my day. Sometimes all I need in my day-to-day battle with this illness is to know someone cares, to know I have a support system that’s far bigger and greater than this illness and to know people are interested in where I have been and where I am going in life. This speaks volumes!

If I could sit down and say anything to those who know someone fighting a chronic illness, it would be to say what you need to say. If you are involved in what we are going through and you want to know more, say so! Ask me whatever is on your mind. I feel it is my goal to spread awareness and I can only do that through communication with others which mainly stems from answering questions I am asked. If you see someone you know out in public and you know they’re battling an illness, don’t be afraid to approach them and ask them how they’re doing and share encouraging words with them. People with chronic illness are made with tough skin because we often hear devastating things regarding our health, so you stopping us and sharing your love and curiosity with us might make our day.

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