12 Things That Happen When You Have a Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness isn’t easy. All of us chronically ill warriors may feel alone, but we all have a lot in common! Here are 12 things that happen when you’re chronically ill.

You know you have a chronic illness when…

1. Doing your hair feels like some serious strength training.

2. Grocery shopping has become an endurance sport.

3. You’re tired all day but can’t sleep at night.

4. You plan everything around your symptoms and your doctor appointments.

5. You have more pajamas and cozy clothes than jeans and other nicer clothing.

6. Chores have become a special kind of torture for you.

7. The weather changes make you want to vomit, even though you love the rain and sunshine equally.

8. You constantly find yourself feeling guilty for things that are out of your control.

9. You forget what it’s like to feel “normal.”

10. You can’t remember the last time you woke up feeling rested.

11. Pain has become one of the most prevalent things in your life.

12. You are able to fight your symptoms and pain every day because you are a warrior!

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