The Everyday Warriors Who Find Light in the Darkness of Their Illness

How much do we let our circumstance define who we are?

There is a quote by Seneca that says:

“Happiness is defined by our disposition, not upon our circumstance.”

Circumstance, I believe, can have a profound effect on our lives. But, how we choose to let circumstance define us is, I believe, our choice.

We all have challenges in life, our hard chapters, periods in life that have been surreal, heartbreaking or painful.

These times, I feel, can inform us – hopefully we can learn from it, become stronger or use it.

And then life goes on, right?

Yeah, I believe it does.

In a way, I feel that having experienced the pain and fear and inconsistency that comes along with chronic illness has made me immensely grateful for the good in life. And I feel I have developed (if anything) an increased ability to let hardships go.

Life has its challenges, always – but I don’t believe we are defined by them. Perhaps it’s how we choose to move forward that defines us.

While writing this at my local café, I met a beautiful woman who shared with me that only yesterday she had lost her best friend to ovarian cancer.

Heartbroken, she is, however, finding light in looking to spend more time with her children.

I admire those who have suffered and have had their challenges.

People are truly amazing.

My heart sings when I hear and read stories of overcoming and finding light amidst the darkness.

I believe these people are the true warriors of our time.

Even if the fight may not be visible to the everyday eye.

Another by Seneca:

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”

With love,

Sylvia x

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