Mighty Readers, What Questions Do You Have About the Future of Healthcare?

Early Wednesday morning, Donald Trump became president-elect. In addition to electing a new president, America voted for a Republican majority in the House of Representative and Senate.

Significant marijuana reforms were also made, with California, Massachusetts and Nevada voting to legalize recreational marijuana and Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas voting to legalize medical marijuana. Maine is also expected to legalize recreational use of marijuana, with “yes” leading the polls and 92 percent of votes reported. Arizona voted on legalizing marijuana too, but the vote to legalize was not successful. In Montana, restrictions on medical marijuana were loosened.

Over the next few weeks, as we learn what a Trump presidency means for healthcare in America and for people living with disabilities, we here at The Mighty want to hear from our community:

What questions do you have? Are you concerned about your health insurance coverage? Comment below with any questions you may have, and we will investigate and answer your questions as more information becomes available.

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