10 Affirmations for When It's Hard to Look in the Mirror

Aside from having body image struggles to begin with, in light of the recent election results, I’ve been having an even harder time. My voice feels more irrelevant, and my desire to turn to my body for validation is stronger than it has been in a while. Saying these affirmations has helped me feel stronger as a human and reminded me that I have infinite worth.

1. I am so much more than the physical manifestation of my being.

2. I am how I feel, not how I look.

3. I am not defined by my appearance.

4. I do not need to give energy to the people who value weight more than character.

5. I am meant to do more than obtain the “ideal” body.

6. I value others for their attributes, not their appearances. I will work every day to value myself the same way I value others.

7. I release the need to prove myself to anyone.

8. I am never alone.

9. All that I need is within me.

10. I am loved.

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