When We Allow Depression to Dictate Our Self-Worth

What is self-worth? Self-worth is the sense of our own value in life. It’s our self-esteem and self-respect. We spend so much time measuring our self-worth based on how we think other people view us. In reality, it can only be measured on how we view ourselves.

A lot of the time, many of us see ourselves as unworthy of love and attention because we don’t love ourselves the way we should. Thus, we can’t understand why anyone else would. We sit and wonder, “Why would anybody love me?” The truth is many people do, but our minds are so overshadowed by our own negative thoughts that it is hard to see through all the lies we tell ourselves.

You are lovable.

You see, depression is a funny thing. When you mix it with anxiety, you have yourself a stew of low self-esteem. Some days are good. Some days are really good and that little man inside your head has gone out for the day.

Although sometimes, more often than not, there are bad days. This is when the little man has decided that he needs a break and wants to come home. He takes off his shoes and sits in the dark corners of your mind maybe for a few hours or maybe even for a few days. That’s when you feel like your self-worth is almost non-existent.

You wake up in the morning, hearing your alarm ringing uncontrollably, and all you want to do is bury your head deeper into your pillow and not see anyone. You think nobody would notice you weren’t there. You think nobody would care, but they do. You’re the one at work people go to if they have a problem. You’re the one who’s smiling at everyone and cheers them up.

You are noticed. You are cared about. I know you’re exhausted from acting like everything is OK when you feel the complete opposite. Trust me, I know. Yet, when you have those days when the little man has set up camp, my mother told me to remember this: “Try to change your frame of mind. Tell yourself you are OK, and you’re not going to let it beat you.”

I am not telling you thinking this will necessarily change things, but sometimes, you need to try and reassure yourself that you are more than your depression. I’ve had my fair share of days when I’ve said this to myself and just thought, “oh screw this.” I know sometimes it takes a lot more than a little saying, but saying it is a step in the right direction. You won’t magically be fine after, but at least you have taken notice that you are more than your depression.

You deserve to have self-worth.

You need to take some time to get to know who you really are and what you believe in. These are the things that can guide you on your journey through life. These are the things that, when everything feels like they have fallen apart, will remind you things will get better.

Don’t wait for the little man to decide to leave. You are strong. With time and honest hard work, you’ll be packing his bags for him and shoving him out the front door. Believe me. You might even be able to change the locks.

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