Young Girl With Down Syndrome Stars in New Fisher-Price Commercial

Fisher-Price and its parent company Mattel has embraced inclusive advertising with its latest commercial featuring a young girl with Down syndrome. In the commercial, two children play with Fisher-Price’s Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway together.

“Play is the ultimate way for children of all abilities to learn and have fun, whether it’s learning to share or celebrating a vehicle racing down the ramp,” Teresa Gonzalez Ruiz, vice president of brand marketing at Fisher-Price, told The Mighty. “We’re so happy people are noticing this ad for its inclusivity and are committed to better reflecting today’s families, including children with special needs, in our marketing communications.”

Many retailers have embraced inclusive advertising over the past month. Target featured a girl in a wheelchair in its Halloween commercial, Kmart Australia included a girl with Down syndrome in a commercial and Asher Nash – a boy with Down syndrome who went viral after his mom shared his photo asking OshKosh to feature him in their ads – landed a modeling gig with the company.

“With 157 million companies in the world and still only a handful that include the consumers who have disabilities, we have a lot of work to do,” Kathryn Driscoll, founder of Changing The Face of Beauty, told The Mighty in a previous statement. “We… believe brands can empower the future of the disability community by valuing them as consumers in advertising.”

You can watch the full commercial below.

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