'You Have One New Message From Depression'

Everyone has heard the cliche breakup line, but here is a non-cliche (hopefully) message from depression to you:

“Hey there, you! So you probably know me by now. I’ve been around a little while. I liked to make you think you were imagining me at first. I really had you going there, didn’t I?

You thought it couldn’t be me. Maybe it was hormones. Maybe you were just overtired. Maybe you were a little sad. Maybe you just had a lot going on.

You also thought maybe there was just something really wrong with you. That you were just a really broken person. That you were the problem.

I managed to isolate you. Make you lose touch with friends. I had a good go at breaking up relationships.

Even when someone mentioned me, you had your doubts. You had a list of reasons it couldn’t be me, but I kept on going. Kept on ruining things. Your sleep. Your time out. Your appetite.

I really can do some serious damage when I want to. Even now that you know who I am, you still think I’m your fault and that you can’t get better. I just thought now I’d hold my hands up. Just this once.

It’s not you. It’s me.”

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