To a Friend During the Hard Moments

Dear Friend,

I think it’s important you know you are precious. A precious gem in the world. There will never be a gem like you. Unique in the history of existence.

I want you to remember, always, that you are worthy. You are worthy of good and happy things. Worthy of the wonderful moments you have not experienced yet. Worthy of life. You’re statement the other night that you weren’t to the point of hurting yourself yet has stuck in my mind and in my heart. It scares me. It scares me because that point can be very easily reached. You and I both know that. There is not much I can do with that information except tell you if that moment ever comes, I am only a phone call away. Whether at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. I will answer that call and come running. I ask you, if that moment comes, to please call me.

Friend, you are valuable. It will always be true that the coin found in the dirt is just as valuable as the coin shined to perfection.

If you let me, I will always be here for you. Though the truth is rarely simple, I will always have it for you.

You are loved, precious, worthy and valuable. Never forget this, because it will always be true.

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