My Self-Care Manifesto

Steve Austin's Self-Care Manifesto

I am worthy of love.

I am not my diagnosis.

I will not wall myself in.

Shame no longer gets a vote in my life.

I will not ignore my symptoms.

I am alive. I will not forget how important that is.

I will look at the now and not the next of a situation.

I will trust in a God who is constant, not anxious.

I will find my reason for getting out of bed each morning.

I will find what I love and do that with all my heart.

I will respect my limits, take deep breaths, and not cause my anxiety to increase.

I will fight through distractions, busyness, and bullshit.

I will focus only on things that make me better.

I can’t change it; I can live through it.

The opinions of others will no longer control or define me.

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