A Few Self-Care Reminders for Anyone Having a Difficult Time After the Election

I am at a loss of words. Not because this result is entirely unexpected, but because deep down I have always known this was the reality of the world we live in. I don’t mean that in a pessimistic way, but as an individuals with both general and social anxiety, I see the extremes of the world far before anyone else. Unfortunately, sometimes those extremes are too real. One of those extremes happened yesterday, when Donald Trump was elected president.

Like many, I am frustrated with a system that allowed this to happen. I am angry, and scared. I’m not sure what we will do now, or where we need to go from here, but I know this is not the end. In the face of every challenge, Humanity has prevailed, and we will again. We will come out better, stronger and more loving after having gone through this. The world we had yesterday was not perfect, and it is no different than the world of today. We can still make a difference, and sure, things might get worse come Jan. 20, but regardless, we will prevail.

If you’re having a difficult time, it’s important to take care of yourself and those around you. Here are some things to remember:

1. You are not alone. Millions are scared and unsure of what the future carries.

2. Historically we’ve gone through this before, and we have overcome these systems of oppression every single time. Hope is still an option, we just need to hold onto it.

3. You have the choice: of shutting this off for four years, of fighting, of doing anything you’d like. It’s still a choice. We’re stuck with a president, but we get to decide everything else.

4. Some environments will be more toxic than others. Try to get to higher ground, where the air is cleaner. Rest, and when you’re ready find your way back through the miasma.

5. You have everything you need within you to make a difference. You can take charge of your life and change things. You can do that.

6. Find support throughout this all. Find people who are willing to go through this with you.

7. Most of all, remember you are a priority. You deserve the absolute best. This is why this is difficult, and this is why it’s going to be OK. Take care of yourself, and remember, there’s always Hope.

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