3 Reasons Why I Share Stories About Chronic Illness

I’ve been told many times by certain family members and friends that I’m only trying to get attention or sympathy by posting stories about chronic illness on social media. The only people I’m friends with on social media are my friends and others who have a chronic illness. So no, it’s not because I want sympathy or attention. Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here are several reasons why I share stories and write about chronic illness:

1. To educate others.

Many people are unaware as to what constitutes a chronic illness and how people are affected physically and mentally by chronic illness. The cycle of depression and anxiety many with chronic illness face is real and should not be ignored. The fatigue, weakness and extreme exhaustion can make it difficult to perform even the most basic day-to-day activities. Educate yourself. Understand the complexities of chronic illness. It is multi-faceted and needs growing attention.

2. To reach others.

Many people feel a sense of loss or loneliness after being diagnosed with a chronic illness. One reason I share and write articles about chronic illness is because I hope it reaches a person and provides comfort in knowing they’re not alone. I hope my experiences can reach others in times of need to help get them through the good and bad times.

3. To cope.

I write because it’s a coping mechanism for me. Also, I share and write articles about chronic illness in hopes of reaching those who have a relationship with someone with chronic illness. I want others to better understand healthy and productive ways to help and be there for those with chronic illness.

From my experiences, there are days when I need certain things and other days when I need other things. At times, I just want to vent and have a listening ear with no judgments. So, while writing helps me cope with my chronic conditions, I also share and write to help those who care for others with a chronic illness.

Sharing and writing articles about chronic illness has nothing to do with attention or sympathy. It’s more about reaching and helping others who have a chronic illness or those who care for people with chronic illness.

I don’t attention or sympathy, but I do want to provide support and education to people with chronic illnesses and people who are caring for others who are chronically ill. I want others to understand how chronic illness affects people on a day-to-day basis and provide better ways to help since I have been on both sides. I have cared for people with chronic illnesses, and I have had people close to me who didn’t know how to help them.

Just remember, most of all, it’s about educating others about all aspects of chronic illness.

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