Secondary Infertility Is a Journey No One Should Face Alone

The birth of my first child was traumatic and involved forceps and an emergency c-section. Before I knew it, she wasn’t a baby anymore. Time flew by, and I had a toddler, a little girl, a friend. My friend wanted a sibling, and I wanted another baby, too.

From a young age, I knew there was a chance I would experience infertility after having endometriosis for years. But after the birth of my daughter, I thought those worries were over. I thought since I had a child, I could have more. But I am facing secondary infertility.

At first I felt guilty for feeling sorry for myself when I already have a child. I felt like my body had failed me and my family. Anger, hurt, pain, loneliness — all these feelings followed. At first I didn’t want to tell anyone. This was my personal life and no one else’s business. I also didn’t want people to think of me as ungrateful for the beautiful child I have.

After a while, I realized it was too much to go through alone. From the moment my family and friends knew, they were nothing but sympathetic and supportive. No one thought I was “selfish” or had “failed.”

I know I have a long, emotional journey ahead of me. But it’s a journey I don’t think anyone should face alone.

To all women out there who are struggling with infertility — I know it feels like a taboo subject. It’s a subject that often isn’t spoken about, one that’s often kept private. However, I know without support, I would be struggling 100 times more than I already am.

It’s OK to ask for help. It’s OK to ask for a shoulder to cry on. It’s OK to be angry. It’s important to talk to people and let your feelings out. You are not alone.

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