To the Lyme Warriors Feeling Fearful and Uncertain After the Election

As Lyme Warriors, we face adversity every moment. People who look at us like we are “crazy,” liars, incapable. But we know we aren’t. We know who we really are.

The future president has mocked the disabled. He might repeal Obamacare. A man with the power to take away many in our community’s healthcare has sent a message that reinforces what stigmas shadow our existence. But this is not the end of the story, friends.

We, the disabled, face immense, irreversible pain everyday, mentally, emotionally, spirituality and physically. Our whole existence is dedicated to surviving. We battle to keep ourselves not only alive, but living fully with joy in our hearts. Love, not hate, creates that.

As the chronically ill, we are forced to look within. On days of despair and loneliness, during moments where we don’t know if we can go on, along with years where our realities are grim. All we really have is ourselves. What we are really made of. Who we really are. The gritty stuff we hide behind sarcasm, the tears behind laughter. We boldly face it all and find a way to heal ourselves anyway.

Our self-love is our guidance, our guru, our hope and our way to health. Let us shine this light to our greater community who are now feeling fear, pain, confusion, uncertainty. Let us show them that fear does not win. From our strength, let us beam brightly for all to feel. Let us be a testament that we can live with pain, and use it to forge forward with grace and ferocity.

Spoonies do it every day. People with invisible illnesses, who you wouldn’t even expect. Our rights can be infringed upon, we get overlooked and under-appreciated. Discrimination is our reality.

Let us hold each other in preciousness and remind others that fear does not mean flight. We are fighters without ever using our fists. Let us Lymies show how to elevate without having to give up on beliefs. We can all be leaders for our country, citizens, family, friends. We are the disabled, everyday angels, and we are strong. We have lessons that make us all one.

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