What People With Anxiety Want Others to Know During the Holidays

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two young women sitting on a bed in their dorm room

To My Roommate Who's Witnessing My Anxiety Attack

I know this probably wasn’t what you were hoping to come home to today. I know you may not want to see me this way. And trust me, I don’t want to be this way. I notice your expressions of shock and concern. I see that you want to do something, that you want to [...]
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Anxiety and the Fear of the Future

“What is anxiety?” When I hear those words, I panic… it’s what I do. Then I think (that’s also what I do). I respond, “Well, it’s having no desire to go to sleep because then I’ll have to wake up and face tomorrow. It’s thinking too much about things.” Once that conversation is over, I [...]
The word anxiety written in pencil surrounded by crumbled up pieces of paper

Dear Anxiety, Let's Work Together

Dear Anxiety, You and I have not always been on the best of terms. In fact, you have been my enemy as far back as I can remember. Your warm cocoon of “what if” catastrophes has wrapped me in waves of heart racing, chest tightness, dizziness and short breaths. Your tempting aura has kept me [...]

3 Things I'm Trying to Remember This Thanksgiving as Someone With Anxiety

Thanksgiving. I never really understood this holiday. Actually, starting from about November through the New Year, I have always dreaded this sequence of holidays. The hardest always came first: Thanksgiving. Growing up, I have little to no memory of my family sitting down at the table eating a nice meal together (whether it was normally [...]