To My Husband Who Never Gives Up, From Your Chronically Ill Wife

Dear Best Husband in the World,

Since you’ve become a part of my life, your life has changed. I’m not just talking in the usual ways how your life changes when you get married, but in the “my wife constantly doesn’t feel good” kind of way. Some days are just as hard for you as they are for me. You never know when my health is going to throw a kink in our plans, and yet you’re always there to offer a smile and tell me that it’s OK if I just want to lie down instead of go out. So thank you.

Thank you for your endless cuddles when my illnesses get the best of me.

Thank you for maintaining Netflix, so there is always something to watch on my bad days.

Thank you for cleaning the kitchen when I don’t feel well.

Thank you for carrying things and holding my hand when it hurts to stand up.

Thank you for looking at me like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world even when I haven’t showered or gotten out of my pajamas all day.

Thank you for always looking for a place for me to sit when we’re in a crowded place.

Thank you for learning my medications and always being willing to pick them up from the pharmacy on your way home from work.

Thank you for making random trips to Walmart for Gatorade when I get dehydrated.

Thank you for listening to me complain and gripe on the days I don’t feel well.

Thank you for holding my hand when I hurt.

Thank you for being flexible with our plans and being willing to cancel for me when I don’t feel well.

Thank you for insisting that I take care of myself.

Thank you for always asking me how I’m feeling every day and not being upset when the answer isn’t always positive.

Thank you for letting me lie in your lap and fall asleep during your movies.

Thank you for reminding me to take my medications even when I don’t want to.

Thank you for getting up in the middle of the night and warming up rags for my aching muscles.

Thank you for not making me feel guilty when we have to cancel plans.

Thank you for holding me and not waking me up even when your arms fall asleep.

Thank you for telling me that it’s going to be OK.

Thank you for fighting for me when I feel like giving up.

Thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder and staining your white t-shirt with mascara when my body won’t let me go out like we planned.

Thank you for being my spokesman when people just don’t understand.

Thank you for telling me the illnesses aren’t my fault.

Thank you for reminding me I’m not any less valuable than a healthy person.

Thank you for rubbing my back and for just being there when I don’t feel well.

Thank you for not resenting me or judging how much I can or can’t do.

Thank you for being consistent and steady.

Thank you for loving me in tangible everyday ways.

Thank you for never giving up.

It takes a special person to unconditionally love a spouse with a chronic illness. It’s not easy. But you do it incredibly well. Thank you, sweetheart. You make the fight easier and the pain bearable. I love you so much.


Your Wife

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