4 Little Things You Can Do for a Chronically Ill Friend

As a person with chronic illnesses, here are four little things I’ve found that you can do for a chronically ill friend.

1. Let them vent.

Don’t try to tell them it’ll all be OK or that you understand. I can tell you that is not what they want to hear. They want to hear two words: “That sucks.” That’s it. Two words and a hug is all they need to feel a little bit better. Then this person will know you’re a safe space and they can come to you.

2. Write them a note.

You have no idea what a little note of encouragement can do for someone. A quick reminder that someone is on their team can make their day a little more bearable.

3. Give them one of their favorite foods.

This might be their favorite candy or snack or whatever this person likes. A small packet of M&M’s left on their bed might be the one reminder they need that day. Picking up something out of the dollar section at Target or while you’re on a quick CVS run shows your chronically ill friend that you still think about them and care. Something may cost $2 can brighten an entire week for someone. Worth it, right?

4. Offer to drive.

Yes, sick people can drive, too, and that handicap placard may be only one of benefits of being ill, but it can also be so difficult. Offer to drive to dinner if you’re going out with them. Maybe offer to pick them up or drop them off for a class that’s too far for them.

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