How Soprano Prodigy Jackie Evancho Helps Me Fight Lyme Disease

Jackie Evancho. Does that name come to anyone’s memory? If you’re a fan of “America’s Got Talent,” you would probably be aware of the young singing prodigy who stole the hearts of America in 2010 with her unbelievable, angelic, powerful soprano voice. 

Jackie Evancho, now 16 but only 10 when she received second place on the show, has taken the world by storm. Being the youngest solo artist to go platinum in the U.S., she has since traveled the world. However, even though she is doing concerts all over the place, her music has a time and place in my house every single day.

How does the voice and talent of this genuine, humble teenager help me fight Lyme disease
Her soothing voice helps me relax when I am crying, makes me happy when I am sad, and happier when I am happy. Her music helps me fall asleep. Watching her sing on YouTube from as young as 8 to her current videos, I am astonished and overjoyed by the maturity of such a gifted child. Her personality and voice lights up the room.

I cannot pick my favorite Jackie Evancho song. 
I listen to her songs from when she was 10 as much as I do her newer songs. Her songs are often inspirational, show the innocence of a young child, and are comforting.

Here are some of my favorite Jackie Evancho songs when I’m feeling down. These can all be found on YouTube, check them out, and make a playlist! There’s much more to be found as well!

1. To Believe
2. A Mother’s Prayer
3. Reflection
4. Pure Imagination
5. All of the Stars
6. My Heart will go on
7. Coming Home
8. Angel
9. Imaginer
10. Dream with Me
11. Safe and Sound
12. Writings on the Wall
13. Can You Feel the Love Tonight
14. What a Wonderful World
15. Come What May
16. Believe (from “The Polar Express”)
17. Dark Waltz

In the holiday spirit? Check out these songs by Jackie Evancho that make me feel good and happy for the holidays! Also all on YouTube!

1. Silent Night
2. O Holy Night
3. The First Noel
4. Believe
5. Walking in the Air
6. Someday at Christmas
7. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
8. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
9. Do You Hear What I Hear?
10. Pie Jesu

Did you know Jackie’s mom battles Lyme disease? To support her and others, Jackie sang last year at the Global Lyme Alliance in front of Yolanda Foster, a popular advocate and Lyme patient. Jackie sang the song “The Prayer,” praying for a Lyme-free world. And she often dedicates songs to her mom at concerts when she cannot attend.

I am a 19-year-old girl inspired by a 16-year-old soprano musical genius. She gives me hope, faith, and helps me keep fighting.

For anyone struggling with any chronic illness, I highly encourage you to check out the gorgeous music of Jackie Evancho. It’s amazing how her music on my phone and watching her humble interviews has helped me fight Lyme. She once came upon one of my YouTube videos where I had her music playing in the background and said she is praying for everyone with Lyme disease. I couldn’t believe it!

Thanks to Jackie Evancho, my hard mornings are less stressful, my nights are more peaceful, and my long car rides are more joyful. She keeps me going during the toughest of times and one day I hope I can meet her to tell her how much she has had an impact on my life!

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