The Dangers of Snow When You Are Hypermobile

The snow in the winter sure is pretty. But each year comes with dread. The dread of being hypermobile. There are situations where, as a hypermobile person in the winter, it feels only right to stay home.

I have never ice skated in my entire life. Roller blading was a disaster. I had a best friend who wore heels every day in high school. I thought she looked classy and downright beautiful in her confident walk up and down the bleachers. It was hard to keep up! I would love to wear boots with a heel. The kind that tie all of the way up the calf. They look great.

There are things in life that will just never be. I will never walk out that door without a sense of dread in the wintertime. It’s not just about slipping. Everyone does that. It’s when I get that solid step. The one where I am sure I have a good grip between the bottom of my shoe and snow. That step where the feeling of relief overwhelms. I am sure I won’t fall this time! That’s when it happens. My ankle will simply fold or my hip does that turn.

If you are hypermobile, then you know all too well what this feels like. There is no certainty. We know we made it only after we arrive at our final destination. That is because it is so random. There is no way of knowing which step will be the one to send us into a tumble to smack hard on the cold icy ground. There is no way of knowing if this particular fall will land us back into our second home: the hospital.

I urge you all to take your time this winter and remember how our muscles are overcompensating for our joints’ inability to remain stable. Do not let that fantastically pure bright beautiful snow mesmerize you into forgetting about this problem we face each year. Wear your high-top flat bottom winter boots with pride all laced up and get out there anyway. Enjoy your winter break! With caution.

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