Live Video: Katie Kreitzer - Service Dog Training

Service dog training with Mighty intern Katie Kreitzer.

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This is what sick looks like.
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You May See a Scary Diagnosis, but I See Hope

A new diagnosis, especially a life-altering or lifelong one can be a petrifying thing for most. But for me, I’ve gotten use to this whole “being sick” thing. It all started with Lyme disease. I was bitten in 2011 by a tiny, blood-sucking devil tick and have struggled with chronic Lyme disease for the past six [...]
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16 Lessons I've Learned From Having Chronic Lyme Disease for the Past Year

2016 was one of the toughest years I’ve ever had. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in January after two years of unexplained severe symptoms. I was a full-time occupational therapy student and a part-time yoga teacher. I was just like you, going to work every day, wanting to be doing some good in this world [...]
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It is December and a cold rain is beating against my window. The clouds are thick and gray. The weather matches my mood today, a mood that says, “Meh!” There is a running list going through my head. I need to finish the Christmas shopping and plan the Christmas Eve party I am supposed to [...]