Live Video: Mike and Sarah Porath - 100 Live Videos on The Mighty

The Mighty celebrates our 100th live video with our Founder/CEO Mike Porath and his wife, Sarah.

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“I’m not doing enough.”
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To My Son: We Are More Alike Than Different

You were born on a warm Tuesday morning in early spring. A teeny little thing with not a lot of hair. A little round face and a cute button nose. You came into my arms during a planned caesarean. I felt in control. I was healing well, breastfeeding was going well, everything according to plan. [...]
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Every year, I ask my daughters to give me a small Christmas list. They’re both in their early 20s, and even though they’re easy to shop for, I like to get a couple specific ideas. I opened my daughter Talee’s email and clicked on the first link. It led me to the bracelet pictured above. I [...]
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10 Things I Want Others to Know When I'm Out With My Special Needs Family

It’s that time of year again, full of family gatherings and festive events. For our family of four young children and two tired parents, even the smallest excursion can be difficult. Additionally, our children face extra challenges while we try to enjoy the merriment as a family. Between our four children, they have diagnoses of [...]