Live Video: Rebecca Chamaa - Life with Schizophrenia

Rebecca Chamaa is the author of the book Pills, Poetry & Prose: Life with Schizophrenia.

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In our busy world of smartphones and social media, giving people our time and undivided attention is often the most valuable and cherished gift we can give. The gift of time and companionship can mean even more to people with schizophrenia, who may isolate socially or have social anxiety. Both of these symptoms mean they [...]
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A lot of people know me as a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving person. You would never imagine Shawn, of all people, would have a chronic illness, just because I hide it so well. However, growing up, there was always one thing I hid even better. Anyone who knows me knows I am the spitting image of my [...]
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8 Ways Having a Mental Illness Changed Me

1. I get tired easily. Until I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, I was extremely paranoid and could not sleep at night. I was afraid someone was going to murder me, sometimes even hallucinating for months at a time that dead people were living in my house and trying to kill me. So, I was [...]
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