3 'Life-Saving' Products That Help Get Me Through a Day With Few 'Spoons'

OK, so maybe these aren’t truly life-saving, but there are a few things that get me through a day with few “spoons.” These things can just be a simple comfort or a huge help to get me through the day.

1.  Heated blanket 

It is as if the heavens shined down and said, “No more fighting over where to put the heating pad… just put it all over.” On my worst days where I feel as though I have no spoons, no strength, no energy, this is my reprieve. A heated blanket can make all the difference in the world and give relief in more than one area.

2. A good quilt 

I know this one sounds weird, but anyone who has nerve pain can attest a blanket that is too heavy can escalate your pain, but they can also tell you how easy it is to get super cold super quickly. A good quilt can be light on your body but can keep you warm and snuggly.

3. A good show or good book.

This may not be a product, but there is something about tricking the mind with focusing on something that takes no physical energy. A good show that makes you use your brain can pass the time before you know it. This can help get you through until your next scheduled medicine time.

A good book can have the same effect. A good book can drag you into its world, a world where you are no longer in pain or stressed out.

There isn’t much you can do for a flare-up but rest and relax until you build your strength back, but these things can definitely ease the burden of being stuck in bed and perhaps help ease the pain.

What’s on your list?

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