Anxiety Vs. Stress

For anyone who thinks having an anxiety disorder is the same thing as “being stressed…”


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Tips for Helping a Loved One Seek Mental Health Care, From the Person Who Helped Me

The love of your life might be like millions of people. Those who are wandering around, attempting to make it through their anxiety and depression symptoms, trying to convince themselves and you it isn’t “that bad” and that they don’t need help. I would know. I was one of them. I can now acknowledge that [...]

This Video Shows What it's Like to Have High-Functioning Anxiety

“It’s silent anxiety attacks, hidden by smiles.” if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)}; jwplayer('jwplayer_5NlfxAca_zURkbSIg_div').setup( {"playlist":"https:\/\/\/feeds\/5NlfxAca.json","ph":2} ); To read the original post that inspired this video, head over here: What It’s Like to Have ‘High-Functioning’ Anxiety
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The Toll a Panic Attack Takes on My Mind and Body

The sound of my racing heartbeat is deafening. I’m pretty sure — no, I am 100 percent certain — my heart is about to pound itself right out of my chest. The room is starting to spin, and everything is closing in on me before I can react. Sounds and movement are amplified beyond normal [...]
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What It's Like to Have Anxiety in a Crowded Bus Station

Although depression is something I struggle with most, I also have anxiety. Most people who know me think I’m fearless, because I don’t show it much, but on the inside there’s a whole other story going on. I’m usually so focused on my depression I forget about my anxiety — but last week my anxiety hit [...]