Inside the Mind of Someone With Fibromyalgia

“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

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Finding the Silver Lining in Fibromyalgia's Playbook

It is no secret that fibromyalgia patients have quite the dysfunctional relationship with short term memory. It is quite often like watching a Thursday night sitcom when we speak, and that’s only our first sentence of the conversation! While there are plenty of other symptoms that plague patients like me, the one thing that I [...]
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Why I Feel Anxious Before a Weekend Getaway as a Person With Fibromyalgia

Fear. It can drive people, and lately it has been more of a part of my own life than I’m accustomed to. After enduring a couple years of physical problems that doctors couldn’t understand or fix, I wound up with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. It’s basically a chronic pain condition in which your nerves are constantly overreacting and the corresponding chemical [...]

Finding Your Inner Superhero in Your Battle With Illness

When I write the word “superhero,” what is the first thought that comes to mind? Perhaps you may think “Superman” or “Spiderman” or Marvel/DC Comics (Marvel fan here, for the win!) And I will say you are correct. Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman – all are characters who undertake extraordinary feats to maintain goodness in their [...]
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The Hardest Part of Holiday Shopping With Fibromyalgia

I love shopping. Well…I need a caveat for that: I love shopping for other people. I love finding things for people that will make their face light up, finding that seemingly random small gift that I know would absolutely make a certain person’s month! Finding gifts for people has always been a passion of mine…possibly even [...]