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Notes on Being #Fine

I’m fine and also not fine. I woke up and got out of bed but wanted to stay curled up in its soft warmth forever. I’m better and also not better. My head and body don’t pound like hammers today, but I might have molasses in my blood. My muscles ache. Did I run a marathon in my sleep? Maybe that truck in my nightmare slammed into me. The world is sharp. But I'm strong and also weak. My brain won’t let #Fibromyalgia win, but my body begs for weightlessness, for detachment from earth and ascension into some other realm where pain does not exist. I will shower today, and it will invigorate and exhaust me. I will not do my hair or makeup. I will be half undone today. I am a reluctant entity today. I am not fine. But I will smile because it’s what I do. I am a paradox, and I am fine. #warrior #fibrowarrior #ChronicIllness #OnedayAtaTime

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Ashley Nestler
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What’s your relationship with your health like right now?

The relationships we have with our bodies, minds and by extension our health conditions, can and do change over time. Based on what you’ve been going through lately, what’s your current “relationship status” with your health right now?

🤷‍♀️ What relationship?
🥊 We can’t stop fighting
🌻 We’re getting to know each other
😬 It’s complicated
🥰 We have more good days than bad ones
😍 Totally in love

Don’t see one that fits your relationship? Add your own status in the comments!

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