The Man and The Cab Story

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14 Things Alzheimer's Caregivers Want You to Know

Few can relate to the important responsibility of caring for a spouse, parent, child or other loved one have experiences unless they’ve done it themselves — and those who care for relatives with Alzheimer’s disease know firsthand the struggles and triumphs of caregiving. We collaborated with the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative, led by Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, to ask [...]
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Alzheimer's and the Long Goodbye

In a fire, there are no goodbyes. The devastation is swift, crackling and cackling its way through a house before there is any time to reflect on what is being destroyed. Instead, there is only fear, and if you are lucky, survival. So it was for my grandparents the night their house burned to the [...]
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13 Things People Affected By Alzheimer's Disease Want You to Learn

With an estimated 5 million Americans or more living with Alzheimer’s disease, chances are you or someone you know is affected, yet many people don’t know what life with Alzheimer’s is truly like. It’s important for patients, families and caregivers to share the ways Alzheimer’s disease has had an impact on them, and the work we still [...]
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To My Grandfather Who Has Alzheimer's: I Will Not Let You Go

I’ve never had a bad meal at your house. Ever.  Until today. You’ve never forgotten a character in the hundreds of stories you’ve recounted from your childhood at least a thousand times. Until this year. You were the one, just 10 years ago, who drove us all over the backwoods of Alabama and Georgia, introducing [...]