What My Everyday Struggle With Anxiety Is Like

Anxiety is always being scared you won’t fit in.

Anxiety is not going into places because you’re scared you will get weird stares.

Anxiety is having to talk to yourself and calm yourself down every second of your day.

Anxiety is a constant struggle. Not many people understand what I feel like, and they judge me.

Danielle, why can’t you just come in with me? It’s not a big deal. Danielle, why can’t you just do this one simple task?

It’s sad when you don’t have an answer for it. You don’t know what about being out in public makes you so uncomfortable that you try to avoid it all together. You don’t know what is actually scaring you and making you so nervous. You have to think about your every move.

Sometimes, I look at other people and wonder why I am like this. Why can’t I just be “normal” like them? Why do I need a safety blanket everywhere I go? Why can’t I go anywhere alone and feel safe and comfortable with myself?

Anxiety is overthinking the simplest task or overcomplicating the simplest thoughts. People out there feel the same. You’re not alone. Always remember that.

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