7 Gift Ideas for Your Loved One With Schizophrenia

In our busy world of smartphones and social media, giving people our time and undivided attention is often the most valuable and cherished gift we can give. The gift of time and companionship can mean even more to people with schizophrenia, who may isolate socially or have social anxiety. Both of these symptoms mean they can spend the majority of their time alone.

Without breaking the bank, here are some gifts that can benefit the person on your list who has symptoms of schizophrenia.

1. Offer to take her/him to a museum.

2. Plan a lunch date.

3. Buy her/him a gift card to a coffee shop (a chance to spend time in public with other people).

4. Plan a hike and picnic.

5. Plan a fun night, popcorn, soda, candy and her/his favorite movie(s).

6. Plan to explore a new part of your town or city by bike or on foot.

7. Pay for her/him to take a class at a local community college or even online.

People can be uncomfortable around a person with schizophrenia. Letting someone with schizophrenia know they are desired company and a valuable part of a larger community can be gift enough. It can be given with no money and no special plans.

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