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When My Doctor Looked Me in the Eye and Told Me I Was ‘Legit’

At the beginning of my health journey, I was turned away by doctors for months. While I’ve had a pretty good run lately, those previous doctor’s appointments scarred me. 

After getting infection after infection and having critically low white blood cells and antibodies, my doctor suggested a month-long round of antibiotics until my immunology appointment. I was happy because I wanted to be healthy, of course, but after a second, I said something strange: “But don’t I want to be as sick as possible for the appointment? I mean, I want to seem legit.”

Yes, I know that sounds like I’m just trying to get attention, but imagine living in my body where you feel terrible all the time, but on the outside, you look like all your peers. 

Then my doctor turned, looked me in the eyes and said, “One look at your file and he’ll know you’re legit.”

This statement may sound unimportant, but to me it glued my scarred and doctor-fearing heart back together because, yes, I am sick. 

For some, being told you’re sick can be difficult, but to me it made me feel believed. And after all the tears and doctors I’ve been through, it made me feel oh so relieved. 

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