A Thank You to My Husband During My Fibro Flare

Dear Husband,

The past few months have been very difficult for me. I have had my fibromyalgia flaring up constantly, I have been sick, and my post-traumatic stress disorder has been through the roof with anxiety attacks, flashbacks and fear. All throughout, you have been helping me, right by my side. When I was hurting too much to walk you pushed me in a wheelchair. You helped me walk if there wasn’t a wheelchair available, you put IcyHot on my back and legs, you rubbed my back, you got me pain medicine and my muscle relaxers, you brought me food when I couldn’t get up from bed, you’ve helped me dress myself and bathe, and you have never complained.

When I was too scared to do anything, you comforted me. You brought me coffee, put on funny movies or shows, talked to me through anxiety attacks, got me my anti-anxiety medicine, stroked my hair, held me, joked with me and reminded me you would protect me from harm.

When I was sick you helped me remember to hydrate, to take my medicine, you kept me warm and made sure I was getting enough sleep, you went to the store to get medicine and bought me chocolate to cheer me up. You truly meant your vows when you said “in sickness and in health,” and I could never tell you how much that means to me, husband.

Thank you.

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