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4 Tips for Parenting During an IBD Flare-Up

Ulcerative colitis (UC) flare-ups are no picnic. From stabbing pain to sporadic fevers to hours spent in the bathroom curled up in a ball, the typical UC patient experiences on a regular basis what others would describe as the worst illness of their lives. Throw a couple kids and a barrage of responsibilities into the mix, [...]
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Do UC What I See: Ulcerative Colitis and the Holidays

December: a month of rich, hearty meals and dreamy, decadent desserts. From glistening honey baked hams to creamy green bean casseroles to piping hot chocolate in festive ceramic mugs, a food-centric holiday season is a dream to the general populous, but a downright nightmare to a patient of ulcerative colitis or other inflammatory bowel disorders. [...]

12 Tips for Getting Through College With an Ostomy

If you have an ostomy and are either in college, like myself, or getting ready to go off to college, chances are you’ve thought about how you’re going to deal with everyday college life and your ostomy. This won’t be the only article I write in this series, but I thought I’d compile a handy [...]
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6 Things I Learned About Working Out After Ostomy Surgery

Your ostomy surgery didn’t take your body away from you, and it didn’t change who you are as a person. It simply changed your body and made you more unique. Personally, I now feel more in control of my body than I ever did when I had ulcerative colitis. I still remember one of the first [...]