Pamela Mertz - National Stuttering Association

After 35 years of trying to hide her stutter, Pamela Mertz is now a public speaker, a Distinguished Toastmaster and on the board of directors for the National Stuttering Association.

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As a comedian and professional speaker, a large part of my life consists of standing in front of people and talking. Because I am a person who stutters, many see my career choice as contradictory. They wonder how someone like me could possibly have the guts to get up and address an audience. The truth [...]
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I debated about whether to write about this experience, because I do not want it to sound as if I am criticizing this person in any way. My only desire is to raise greater stuttering awareness. Due to the circumstances, I know in my heart this person did not understand what stuttering really is. He did [...]
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Although I am proud and satisfied with the way I speak, I do not appreciate people misrepresenting me. Someone recently introduced me to another individual (whom I do not know) by saying, “This is Dariel, and she has stubborn speech.” I strongly felt that person’s introduction of me was an insult. I am so much [...]