Sabrina Canella - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Sabrina Canella is an author and dancer with CPRS/RSD.

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The Moment of 'Normalcy' I Craved as a Student With a Disability

Normalcy is defined by Webster as “the state or fact of being normal.” After being diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome, also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy, my life was far from what seemed normal. At 16, while my classmates were getting learner permits and driver licenses, I was being diagnosed with a rare chronic disease [...]

8 Awesome Gifts Under $15 for People With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Have you ever been given a gift that a friend or family was excited about because they just knew it would be perfect for your condition? I have, and let me tell you, it was difficult figuring out how to respond. Sometimes they hit it perfectly, while other times the gift is completely unusable. Usually [...]
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How I'm Choosing to 'Own' My Crutches

Due to a series of unfortunate events, I have complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). The CRPS is in my foot and leg and means I must use crutches to get around. CPRS causes extreme levels of pain. Being a chronic condition, it isn’t going away any time soon, though of course my doctors are working with different [...]
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To Everyone Who Asks Me Why I Smile Through the Pain

In today’s society, it is really easy to judge someone before getting to know them. We look at a person and quickly make a first opinion based on outside appearance. But how do we know what that person is really like, what they are going through, their struggles, their strengths, and their weaknesses? I struggle [...]