To the Security Guard Who Asked, 'Are You OK?'

I was out with the family yesterday. We went to do some food shopping and I went mostly for the car ride — to get out of the house and shake some of the cabin fever out of me.

We stopped at our favorite markets that we rarely ever get to. The girls were super excited to walk around and look at all the stalls.

I walked for a bit but quickly knew I had to lie down because my blood pressure was dropping and if I didn’t lie down I would pass out. So I found a bench and sat down leaning forward, resting my head on the bench in front of me. Angel Two (my youngest) sat with me.

We waited for my husband to go bring the car closer.

After about 15 minutes of waiting there, I felt a tap on my shoulder and a soft, lived-in voice ask me: “Are you OK?”

I lifted my head for a second to see the gentle voice belonged to an older gent security guard.

I told him what was happening and that my husband would be back soon.

And then thanked him as profoundly as I could, because it’s so damn rare for a stranger to ask if I’m OK while in public.

Suddenly needing to lie down in public and not being sure whether you will pass out or not, in public, makes you feel incredibly vulnerable. Having people just stare at you as they walk past, makes you feel like you’re an inconvenience or some sort of virus that people would rather avoid.

I usually walk away from my public experiences feeling very humiliated. But that day, one stranger changed that feeling.

So, dear gentleman security guard, thank you. You didn’t need to ask me if I was OK, but you did. You didn’t need to care, but you did.

You made me feel a little more seen and you made my daughter see that other people will also help her mum.

You’re an angel and your help was held in my heart long after the moment had passed.

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