I Firmly Believe Everyone Needs a Self-Care Box

I firmly believe every single person, whether or not you have any form of physical or mental illness, should have a self-care box. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it is exactly what it sounds like: a box filled with things that help you take care of yourself for when you’re feeling like you can’t.

The idea came when I got whole bunch of self-care things from my loving family for Christmas. They know it gets hard between school and the ups and downs of my anxiety and depression, and they decided to help me out.

From there I decided to build a box. I tried to put things that would help me no matter what mood I was in, since it is ever-changing. Things that even when I don’t want anything, I can find comfort in.

So that’s what decided what goes in this box. I think no two people will ever have the same box and have it work for them. I think mine will probably change as time goes on. I’m sure I will get sick of crochet sometime soon.

I would suggest you include things that make you smile when you’re happy. This could mean music, or books, or magazines or maybe pictures. Notes or cards from people who love you are always good.

Here’s the point of it. Open it when you feel like crap. When you start to feel bad, not when you’re already stuck in your bed curled up in a ball hating the world. Sit and reflect for a little while. Do something mindless, or busy your brain. It’s entirely up to you. I love to sit and write when I don’t feel well. Something about completely emptying out your mind is just so comforting to me. So maybe start that — a journal, make a list, write something, then rip it up, whatever you need to do.

What can be found in my self-care box:

1. Fuzzy socks

2. Coloring book and pencil crayons

3. Chocolate

4. Books (currently my favorite: “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” by Ned Vizinni, and Clara Hughes’ book, which I haven’t started yet.)

5. A nice smelling candle

6. Wool and crochet needles

7.A lovely heartfelt card my sister once wrote me

8. A journal to write things down in

So far that’s all. Like I said it can honestly include anything that has a chance of making you smile and can be pulled out whenever you feel necessary. If anyone has any other ideas of what this could include please feel free to comment below!

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