For Anyone With Anxiety Who Stayed Home on New Year's Eve

Most of my friends are out at parties or hanging out and having fun right now. I have been sitting on the couch pretty much all day. At first, I looked at pictures and watched videos of people laughing and having fun, and I was jealous. However, I know I cannot participate in these activities and have a good time like this.

I have social anxiety. This does not mean I can never have fun, or that I am permanently restricted to my couch, but some days it seems like those are true statements. Today is one of those days when I know that I couldn’t go and be around a lot of people. As someone who deals with anxiety, I have had to learn to accept that about myself. I cannot do what others do all of the time, but I should not feel any shame because of this. Allowing myself some time to rest and taking care of my mental health is more important than pleasing others.

Anyone who isn’t able to go out and be social during the holidays shouldn’t feel alone. Maybe a night in is the way to bring in the new year for you. This year should be a year of putting healing and mental health first because you deserve healing and peace. I hope that everyone dealing with depression, anxiety or any other illness know it’s OK to sit out on some of the holiday fun because we need to put our healing before anything else.

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