Ways to Help Someone Who's Feeling Suicidal

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woman at the beach

Looking to the Moon as a Suicide Loss Survivor

Thought that I was young Now I’ve freezing hands and bloodless veins As numb as I’ve become I’m so tired, I wish I was the moon tonight. My little sister Laura performed an aerial dance to this song by Neko Case on the trapeze last winter. It was a graceful solo piece, brimming with strength [...]
Internet Troll sitting at the computer

We Can't 'Just Ignore the Trolls' Who Comment on Suicide Prevention Posts

We’ve all run into them on the internet. Those social media users who seem to have set up an account for the sole purpose of commenting on posts and seeing how much of a rise they can get out of someone by saying something hurtful. Most use the term “troll” to describe these miscreants, but I say [...]
Brother and Sister walking away

A Letter for Someone Who Lost a Sibling to Suicide

Dear New Survivor, As a person struggling with the loss of my brother, I found there were little to no resources for how to grieve a sibling. Sibling deaths are often forgotten, misunderstood, or just overlooked. I too was guilty of overlooking my own grief. I thought, How can I be sad for myself when [...]
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Addressing Suicide and Depression Under a Trump Administration

Breaking the taboo surrounding depression, anxiety, and suicide is now more important than ever. During the days following the 2016 election, suicide hotlines received a record influx of phone calls from people all across the nation vocalizing their anxiety regarding what the future holds. Although it is unclear how the next few years will unfold, what [...]