What People With Anxiety Want Their Significant Others to Know

People with anxiety share what they want their significant other to understand about their anxiety.

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What the Holidays Mean for Someone With Anxiety and Depression

The holiday season is most commonly known as the best time of the year, but for many living with mental illness, getting through the intense shopping craze and extended family dinners is not that easy. From paranoia to personal ticks, the holidays can mean something different to those combating anxiety or depression. It means a [...]
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When Anxiety and Depression Come Knocking on My Door

After a couple months of feeling so much better, I’m beginning to feel it. I can feel my anxiety and depression knocking on my door once again. This is what it feels like: Knock knock. Me: You’re not welcome here. Anxiety: I just need to talk to you about something. It’s really important. Me: No, [...]
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‘Baby Steps’ I Took During My Anxiety and Depression Recovery

You undoubtedly have seen or read a lot of articles on New Year’s resolutions. Goals can sometimes be good things for people with depression and anxiety to focus on, as long as they are within reach. Otherwise, from my experience, unattainable goals can cause even more depression and anxiety. I fondly remember a comedy movie [...]
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Ringing in the New Year With a Mental Illness

For many of us who have a mental illness, the New Year’s holiday is a painful time. New Year’s Eve serves to remind us of our failed resolutions, treatment goals that weren’t met and all the reasons our past year was a black hole of misfortune and despair. The year 2016 was no exception. News [...]