Things About Anxiety Nobody Talks About

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This Is How People With Anxiety Show Their Love

This piece was written by Sam Maracic, a Thought Catalog contributor. At first they will love with anticipation. They will commit with a fear that the metaphorical “other shoe” may drop at any moment. This isn’t to say they don’t believe in you, or the bond you’ve built. It’s simply a product of their nature, and sometimes, [...]
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A 'Glitch' Called Anxiety

“Something is wrong. Nothing works anymore. My meds are broken. My brain is broken!” I literally cried to my therapist over the phone while sitting in the parking lot of Starbucks. These feelings of intense irritability, anxiety and everything in between hit me hard, leaving me wanting to cry for no reason other than the [...]
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What Lies Beneath the Mask That Hides My Anxiety and PTSD

Many of us have a public and private persona. If we are lucky, these two are more closely related than not. We can be ourselves without feeling judged or imperfect or unworthy. We may not feel the need to hide any part of ourselves for fear of judgment. But for me, as someone who struggles with [...]
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The Anxiety and Depression I Hid Behind a Smile

It all started when she asked, “Where is your mother?” I found myself in the school nurse’s office with extreme stomach pains. Convinced it was appendicitis, I ordered the school secretary to call an ambulance because I had to be dying or I would die should my appendix explode. She instructed me to calm down [...]