She’s 28, Lives With Williams Syndrome and Has Her Own Successful Business

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Truths People Affected by Williams Syndrome Wish Others Understood

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Michelle Baymiller.

What I'm Grateful for as a Person With Williams Syndrome

Hi everyone, I am Michelle Baymiller and I would like to talk about Williams syndrome. I was diagnosed when I was 2 years old. I didn’t have any of the serious medical complications that can come with it, and I function well. Still, life for me hasn’t been easy. I struggled through school, got bullied [...]

Dear Justin Trudeau, Diversity in School Should Also Look Like This

Dear Mr. Trudeau, I just watched a video in which you spoke of the tremendous value of diversity in our public school system. I, too, value the ethnic diversity in my son’s public school in our neighborhood. Sadly, my daughter won’t get to experience it. While we have worked tirelessly to include those of every race/ethnicity, culture, religion, [...]
Rear view of a graduate in a wheelchair

The Change We Need So Disabled Students Have Equal Higher Education Opportunities

I’ve seen a lot of things in my life thanks to Williams syndrome. I’ve seen tiny lives lost, tears from parents and friends and the community at large. I’ve felt unearthly things like grief and loss and despair. I’ve felt the powerlessness of segregation and discrimination that still runs rampant in today’s public special education system. [...]