10 Things I Say That Hide How My Fibromyalgia Really Feels

I “fake it” every day and I find that annoying.

Here’s the thing: If I actually told people how I really feel or “played” the part, if you will, who would believe it? The thing that ails me is an invisible illness. It just doesn’t look like how it feels. So, instead of looking like a “faker,” I “fake” that I feel good. It’s called being positive — a positive faker!

Are you a Positive Faker, too? Would you like to be one?

Here are 10 things I say to fool everyone:

1. “Oh I just stepped wrong. I’m not really limping, I’m shaking it off.” (Instead of “My hip is on fire, I need to sit down!”)

2. “I’m just a little tired because I didn’t sleep well last night.” (I haven’t slept well in months.)

3. “Do you need help with that heavy box?” (Quick, look around for someone to delegate that to!)

4. “My arm only hurts because I lifted a very heavy item.” (The stapler, I lifted the stapler. Remember? I delegated that box.)

5. “I’m doing great! How are you today?” (Instead of “I could hardly get out of bed this morning, let’s change the subject.”)

6. “Sure! I’d be happy to do that for you.” (Someday… when I’m not in aching pain.)

7. “I should go to bed early, lots planned for tomorrow.” (Everything I couldn’t do today because I was exhausted and I likely won’t be able to do it all tomorrow, either.)

8. “Yes I know I don’t look sick; I’m lucky.” (Because my illness is invisible!)

9. “I ran a half marathon last year. Let’s talk about our running experiences!” (Because I can now hardly walk a flight of stairs without pain and would like to remember how that ordinary muscle burn felt.)

10. “I must have forgotten what you said because I was eating those delicious cookies you made for me.” (I just really don’t remember.)

I know I’m not the only one who fights every day to hide my various fibromyalgia symptoms from everyone. How have you mastered becoming a Positive Faker?

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10 Things I Say That Hide How My Fibromyalgia Really Feels

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