To The Person Who Didn't Treat My Chronic Illness as an Inconvenience

To the person who noticed me,

Thank you. Thank you for slowing down your life for a moment to ask, “How are you feeling?” instead of, “Feeling better yet?” Thank you for listening as I answered and showing that you care.

Thank you for looking me in the eye and saying, “I’m so sorry that you aren’t feeling well.” and offering a hug and prayers. When you spoke to me with such love and concern, I felt like I wasn’t fighting this battle alone. You made a difference.

When my illness wasn’t treated as an inconvenience, you made me feel valued.

When I canceled our plans again, thank you for understanding and promising to plan something similar again. You didn’t make me feel guilty. Thank you for trying to work with my illness instead of making it about you.

Thank you for looking me in the eyes and saying, “You aren’t feeling well today, are you? I wish I could make it better. What can I do to help you?” The time you take out of your day to help with dinner or cleaning or laundry is so very much appreciated.

It may not seem like you made a difference, but you did. It may not seem like those things matter, but they do. You reminded me that I am loved. Your acts of kindness encourage me to keep pushing through.

From the bottom of my heart, I want you thank you for making a difference.

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