The Hardest Parts of Setting Goals for the Year With Fibromyalgia

It seems like everyone has their new goals and resolutions set for this year and have already begun working on them.

As someone with fibromyalgia, it’s really important to have purpose and reasons to get out of bed each day, but I was afraid to set any new goals. Here is why:

1. Fear of failure. I have set resolutions in the past and sadly, my illness made it impossible to accomplish them.

2. Fear of the unknown. I would really love to try to complete a 10k run this year, but I never know how often or how long each flare will last, which will keep me from training properly.

3. Fear of disappointing myself and others. It’s so amazing to have such supportive friends and family who believe in me. I worry that if I fail, they may be disappointed and feel like they have failed to support me.

Instead, I am moving forward this year with a promise to:

1. Try hard. I do want to run again and will do my best to take advantage of “good” days to see if a 10k race will be doable this year.

2. Be kind. I want to have my heart and eyes always open see opportunities to be kind.

3. Inspire others. My best is mine. Despite an illness that tries to hold me back, I hope that my fight will inspire others to do their best in fighting against their obstacles too.

Try hard, be kind, inspire… That’s mine, what’s yours?

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